Does your bathroom need some TLC?

We Can repair

  • Bath Resurface & Repair
  • Spa Resurface & Repair
  • Shower Tray Resurface Repair
  • Basin Resurface & Repair
  • Sink Resurface & Polish
  • Tile Resurface
  • Non-Slip Bath Surface
  • Lofty Cast Iron Claw Foot Bathtubs

Replacing a bathtub, spa, shower tray, sink or basin, all comes with considerable cost, effort and potential disruption to the household or business during the renovation, removal and replacement process. At CanoBean, we have the optimal effective solution to fixing a broken, scratched or discoloured bath, spa bath, shower tray, sink or basin, as well as refreshing the look of tiles without needing to replace them.

CanoBean are the bathroom repairs specialists. We can fix bathtubs, spa baths, wall tiles, and shower trays, Our Bathroom repairs also include sink and basin re-glazing, scratches chips and cracks. With an internationally renowned solution supported by extensive ongoing research and development, CanoBean have become the leaders in the industry for innovation whilst keeping quality service and cost effectiveness at front of mind to provide the perfect solution to bathroom repairs and laundry re-glazing.

A simple bath resurfacing project will save you money, inconvenience and many hours.

In most cases your bathtub, hand basin or shower tray can be resurfaced in under three-hours and you will be able to use them again only twenty-four hours later!